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How an Energy company is making its marketing green, thereby putting less burden on the environment!

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

By prioritizing digital marketing, pushing its agency for billboards which are powered by renewable energy among other marketing initiatives, it is minimizing carbon footprints added to the environment.

Corporations spend a lot of money in marketing activities and yet they never thought that they are adding a lot of carbon footprints to the environment through their marketing activities. Let's just imagine an organization doing an Outdoor (OOH) marketing campaign across the city or country. The billboards they use for their posters which run on electricity supplied majorly through coal plants or non-renewable sources. This electricity is not clean, pollute the environment in generation and corporations have never thought about the environmental impact their marketing activities are having on the planet. Add to this a million plus organizations around the world doing outdoor campaigns throughout the year and count the amount of carbon footprints being added.

Bringing the concept of Green marketing Making outdoor marketing activities green, corporations can ask the owners of these billboards if the electricity supplied to them is through green sources or not. Corporations could ask them to run the billboards from renewable source of energy such as solar. Having solar panels installed on these billboards will ultimately make these billboards energy self sufficient at the same time not impacting the environment.

One such company which has included sustainable marketing practices in its marketing plans is Ovo Energy, a British Multinational company. It gives priority to digital marketing campaigns over outdoor campaigns in a bid to minimize carbon footprint that is due to its marketing activities. This will put less burden on the natural resources of the environment thereby leading to healthier planet.

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